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Release date: winter 2011 After the medieval Anno 1404 series sends us in the near future where global warming has raised the level of the World ocean and humanity had to adapt to harsh climatic conditions. In Anno 2070 will use a new engine from the company Related Designs, developed specially for this game. Thanks to this, players will have the opportunity to build cities is much higher than in the previous parts of the series. The developers promise to create dynamic surrounding world, which will develop depending on the style of play. The decision you make can affect the environment, the architecture of the town, the population. You can choose industrial development course, joined the faction of Tikunov, or to live in harmony with nature together with the faction IVF.
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New screenshots

Ubisoft unveiled new screenshots from the game Anno 2070. The release of the game in Russia will take place in December.
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Some details

Related Designs on GamesCom demonstrated the main features of Anno 2070 for example, one of the first levels of the campaign mode.
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In Anno 2070 can be build under water.

A new trailer for Anno 2070, presented at GamesCom 2011, demonstrates the underwater construction of industrial production facilities found in the deep sea resources.
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