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Armored Core V - anticipated action-project in the game world. Most of all like the game for robotic dimension, where there is a post-apocalyptic chaos that occur battle intelligent machines for vital resources. The developers say that the game is the most important element is the tactical calculations and not the quick reaction of the player. In Armored Core V is the command mode, which means the battle of 5 by 5. With the new part of the game, the role of robots got clear - some cars have become smaller, but faster, and others - more and stronger. Now in Armored Core V will be three types of weapons and more levels.
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Multiplayer in Armored Core V

The video in this post, community Manager for Namco Bandai, rich Montague(Rich Bantegui), demonstrates features multiplayer Armored Core V.
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Armored Core V

The action Armored Core V appeared distributor - the company "1C-Softklab".
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