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Before us the game Battle City, which does not leave anyone indifferent to his. Its official name is "Battle in an urban environment", but to many it is known as "Tanchiki". Loved this game for its simplicity and fun, as the saying goes "all genius is simple". Indeed, in the meaning of the game is not difficult to understand: you run a small Tanchiki, whose main objective is to kill enemy units until it has reached your banner and not destroyed it. Another interesting party games are the levels, which are here very much, so have fun on your health, from morning till night. I even found a place for the manifestation of his imagination, the authors provide the opportunity to participate in creating one level, what is particularly interesting. For those who loves to fight side by side with a friend, then you came to the right place, everything is very conveniently located and doubly entertaining. Yet as with any other toys there are various power up the child, where the same without them, the most interesting of which give the ability to transform into a more powerful sample of armour, which gives certain advantages on the battlefield.
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