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Battlefield 3 - computer first person shooter. Another version of the same Battlefield series. This is the second sequel to the first part, published in 2005. The developer was made by the Studio DICE, and publisher Electronic Arts.
Unlike its predecessor in this game, the gamer can control up to four characters. The main hero of the American Henry Blekbern (marine). Its name need to go through practically all sections of the company.
The story is narrated from the first person and is based on the memories. Henry gets to an interrogation by the CIA, where he will lay out all the secrets. Namely, that a certain person, whose name is Solomon, is a terrible threat to the country.
The history originated in Iraq. The soldiers, whose head was our hero, received an order to find the disappeared American patrol in a small town. Simple search operation suddenly turns into combat, as soldiers encountered dangerous and heavily armed soldiers of the organization of PLR.
During the hard battles, was wounded one soldier, his Blekbernu have to pull out of the fire. After the defeat of the enemy wounded sent home, and the others continue searching. In the result of several more difficult enemy raids, fighting with the rebels, and eventually the whole squad is subject to strong earthquakes.
The leader still lucky to survive, though, and all his companions were killed. With difficulty he managed to leave a dangerous place and to evacuate. This story does not end there. Next is even more interesting, because the US decided to launch a brutal war against Iraq.
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Electronic Arts and DICE have released the first trailer for Aftermath, DlC, Battlefield 3 .
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