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BioShock Infinite - computer shooter with RPG elements from the first person. The product developed by Irrational Games. The game saw the world on 29 March 2013.
Although the plot and has no relation to the previous parts of the series, but at the end of a small nod to him there. In 1890 in the battle at wounded knee participated Booker de Witt is the main character. After the battle he was baptized in the Holy river. The preacher gave the promise hero to wash away with him his sins and deliverance from the past, with the result that he will become a new person. Booker has refused this offer.
After 2 years a warrior born daughter Anna. In order to relax a little father abusing alcohol and begins to visit the places where gambling. When he comes into a kind of National Agency under the direction of Pinkerton. The first combat mission is to suppress certain strike. During the operation hero manifests excessive cruelty and fire him. He is now a private investigator.
DeWitt - 38-year-old man with a strong character "AD" on the right hand. To get rid of the weight of the card debts he goes in search Elizabeth - missing girls having supernatural powers.
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In BioShock: Infinite stole the logo

Perhaps a thousand years from now historians will call the copy-paste and plagiarism plague of the XXI century that brought civilization to collapse and collapse.

Arts Elizabeth

Elizabeth from Bioshock: Infinite fall in love with many and therefore, another portion arts favorite of all the girls will not be superfluous.
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Best games of 2013 > 3rd place

The founder of the Studio Irrational Games, father and chief ideologist of the series, Bioshock, Ken Levine wants to call Boston by Hideo Kojima. This person involuntarily associated a gaming company, together with a video game series. His ability to come up with a brilliant story and create iconic characters it's hard not to envy.
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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea ep.1 review from ZimaLive

The story of the first part of the story additions Burial at Sea for Bioshock Infinite. The Bioshock series for you - not an empty phrase? Then skip this DLC has some flaws, but immerse yourself in an unforgettable atmosphere and complement the story of Bioshock Infinite, it is impossible in any case.
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Release trailer for Burial at Sea - Episode One

Cheers! The twelfth of November, we released one of two additions to the stunning shooter BioShock Infinite, which is called Burial at Sea - Episode One. Irrational Games has decided to celebrate such a joyous occasion with the release of new intriguing video that can be of interest to almost all modern gamers.
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