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Black Desert Online review

With the beginning of MMORPG fans were waiting for Blade and Soul, it is with almost everyone, but her popularity began to fade, maybe transferring the game to Russian something would have changed and yet it is unlikely to be, in addition to outdated pirates. Then came the turn of ArcheAge , so everyone was waiting for, as all had hoped, but grew into the game farming simulator, and the poor sieges. Alums Tim with his Skyforge, more or less met expectations and until the game is mired in Donato yeah afloat. Though before the start of OBT is already a part of it. And what? All? Nothing more to wait? Not exactly, remains almost the last reliable on Koreans with Black Desert Online. Will she be able to win the hearts of gamers and stop waiting for new games with the words "Well, maybe this will be my taste".

USA players are waiting for her for over 5 years. Lived in Korea a long time ago would have played there it has outgrown all the testing stage and was released to appear to the people. But this does not prevent "no Koreans" buy about for 10 bucks, to alter your IP Yes enjoy the game, plus there is a crack, it is certainly not complete, but will allow you to understand that demands of you a game. And now started the Japanese airfield there at all free, only sometimes you have to ping to fight. But we'll talk about the Russian version of the game from GameNet, was recently the PTA and 5000 lucky people were able to get and try the game taste.
And it got to an interesting place, the character selection window. As many as 10 characters ahead of us to try out, but unfortunately nobody was able to do was only 4. At the time of MBT localizers promise 5 classes: Berserker, Sorcerer, Warrior, Timarcha and Archer. It is worth noting that when you select a class, you will not be able to change their sex and race of the hero. But the developers Pearl Abyss has thought about it and decided that would do, for example, a woman Warrior, but it will be called Valkyrie, with other classes as well. And her abilities should be different, though the role is the same - to tank. Alas this did not happen, Valkyrie remained the same Warrior, only in a woman's body with a couple of new abilities.
Next is, has long become a famous local character editor. Some craftsmen even managed to transfer famous actors as Megan Fox, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chloe Moretz, etc. in Addition to all it is very convenient and exciting, that's where really you can create unique characters. But yet to make the goblins will not work, there is a small snap. If timera on the game young, old, anyway the sliders will not work.

And that's all we need to enter a nickname and it is time to send in search of trouble. And they start from the first minute, not just to Wake up and go out to kill mobs, dwell in us adduction and begins to narrate the story. We should go to a "Black desert" where two enemies, the Kingdom of Valencia and the Republic Calfee, fighting for some very valuable ancient artifacts "Black stones". If they are in the hands of a powerful mage, the enemy will be not by yourself. There is a small chance that these stones and our small, which in the future evolved to its normal size, a Ghost, something to do with them and we just use.
And the way I tell you not close, needs a little buff. There are two stages of leveling up to level 50 and after, because before, for a knowledgeable player, will fly in a few days, but after that it will be difficult. In the client Korea was seen that the limit levels of development reaches 3000, but to get to them will probably only your grandchildren. Even considering the fact that now, for the part of the quests given experience with mobs and he sypitsya double the amount, because once, on the PTA Korea, this just was not the job they were only given money, the stones of incrustate that enhance your weapons, different armor and skill points.
It is supposed to be good, but with this account the first locations to pass quickly and in the future be forgotten. And they worked not worse than others, there is also a place where поPvPшиться and where to engage in peaceful work. GameNet decided to lower rates and increase the mobs, in fact it should be all right, swaying a little longer and learn more first locations. But on reaching level 50, our pain and suffering will increase by several times, for Blackfish we will be stepping on your heels, and with asilinae mobs and leveling it will be unbearable. Though will bring fun for the beginning of the local standard. This is a very quickly growing in popularity system non-target, rolling, evasion, various cuttings, and the like. And with the increasing level of ability, everything looks twice as spectacular.
Of course no problem really to live, sway a little, not in a hurry and then you can forget PvP, remembering only occasionally, but then it will disappear and your life. After all, you are dressed very poorly and serve polichnym meat for any avid PvPшира. You will not take on a siege, and it is this famous game. When a hundred, a hundred faces in the same field of battle, or rather castle, one Guild defending and the other trying to grab power and get a piece of the earth itself, the prizes of course are not small. Even something like going there that long you won't hold up.
And yet to deal with peaceful matters not shameful, you never know you don't like PvP and didn't come here for this, and want to be a medieval millionaire. This will help the breeding of horses, a very necessary thing, because teleports are not invented, and to walk on two long, angling, sometimes the catch can to make you happy, but it is not always fish, for example the treasure, the usual gathering and trade, from this place more in detail. You will be available for purchase of buildings in cities. In these houses you can build a workshop for the production of the right things or expensive things. But that something was done, the right resources and then you become a slave owner. Buying a little lackeys Yes distributing them, can now only be picked up from the warehouse of finished products and sell, preferably where this product least, will pay more.

And before I say the game is excellent, but there are a couple of drawbacks, you need to touch BDO world that lives by its own rules and laws, which should not interfere, and just walk around and observe. All NPC alive, busy with their chores, walking around the city, from town to town and looking at all believe that the world consists not soulless creatures. With each you can talk with a quest to make friends in a small mini game. And with the change of day and night, you can enjoy one and the same place twice, each time to wonder at the beauty of the game. Quietly walk around the night city, where most of the NPC went to sleep and everything is so quiet. It would be nice if they just reacted to the snow, sandstorm or rain, immediately got umbrellas and ran to the house. Our character does so, but feels it. A smaller damage, slowing down and hurt protection.
In the end, Pearl Abyss has turned out truly high-quality game. While it does not even want to do anything except travel and finding the most beautiful places, good game engine allows these places to see. The whole picture spoils Blackfish and not hide behind trade, sieges, graphics. Everyone, whatever he was doing to face him. Some of the players who had already played in Korea, complains about it and stop to wait for Russian MBT. And developers are seeing this trying casuality it, and it is even more sad, because in the beginning, Black Desert Online has shown how the hardcore game, and now add to it the heels, pumping faster and easier, the same night does not compare to a night at the PTA Korea, then bringing the torch to the face, it can no longer be ignored. Slowly kill the economy of the game's various quests for silver. And I only pray that Things can be largely found a middle ground and we played that game, which was expected.

Black Desert Online review Black Desert
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