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Borderlands 2 - game with RPG elements in the genre of first-person shooter. It is a worthy continuation of the Borderlands. From the moment was open secret Store Borderlands it's been 5 years. Merits finder Store were assigned a man named Handsome Jack. He also received full control over the Corporation Hyperion and became a real dictator Pandora. Jack made a promise to free the planet from the ruling on her iniquities. Was launched the company for the destruction of the entire population of colonists.
In the game Borderlands 2 remained the same gameplay elements, as in the first part. The first person shooter has included the development of the characters in an RPG, so the game was named a role-playing shooter.
The game starts from the character selection (4 options, but if there addition, 6). Each character has special skills and has some kind of weapon.
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Crazy Wallpaper

Like Borderlands 2? So put theme Wallpaper game itself on your desktop!

The Pre-Sequel! on the approach

Surely, my friends, none of us knows what to expect from the continuation of Borderlands, DLC for Borderlands or anything else in the universe Borderlands.

Teaser handsome Jack

Gearbox have always been able to competently represent the characters of their new games, and even DLC from this company are no exception.

Cartoon style

Crazy and dynamic Borderlands 2 is different from all other shooters of its visual style.
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New additions from Gearbox

On the eve of the company Gearbox announced the release of two supplements that are aimed at improving project Borderlands 2.
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Calculator talent.

Gearbox has launched calculator talent for characters in Borderlands 2.
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Return to Pandora

Publisher 2K Games didn't hold players ' expectation, confirmed the development of role-playing shooter Borderlands 2 , and even calling the approximate date of release.
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