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Sketch Turner, artist and independent rock musician, is working on a new comic called - Zone. In his work, describes the attempt of a New World Empire to save the Earth from the attack of the rebel aliens, which inspired invents the Sketch. One night, when the Sketch quietly worked on the comic, there is a strong storm, and one of the lightning strikes in the house Turner, touching his Desk. At the same time the main villain of the comic, Mortus, escapes into the real world and throws in - Zone startled by the artist. Because Marcus is a cartoon character, he can't fully be realized physically in the real world as the author of the comic alive. In the comic Turner meets General Alice Kane, which takes him for a superhero who has appeared for the salvation of the post-apocalyptic world from Mortuza and alien invaders. Despite the protests of the Sketch, Alice sends him on missions, maintaining contact through radio. Mortus, in the real world, our goal is to prevent Turner, pririsovyvat additional enemies.
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