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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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I'm a long time playing games series CS since CS 1.6. I don't consider myself a fan of CS 1.6, but CS:GO I liked it, and now I will briefly describe what it is:
- CS:GO has become more friendly to newcomers.
- Whatever they say, to hit the enemy easier, at least to me.
- Added a new mode : the object is destroyed, and announced another one: zombie mode. As GunGame from previous CS moved here as a mode of "arms Race". "Standard" mode is divided into, say, on "easy" and "difficult".
- Search engine servers. Finally no need to dig in the pile of servers, looking normal. However, the old system remained.
- Improved animation.
No matter what they said, but I was not so stupid as to compare Battlefield 3 and CS:GO. Incidentally, in BF3 I played. So you can judge that these two games are too different.
However, Global Offensive is not without drawbacks:
It talked about the new maps. Now - they are not. Except in the new mode, the couple dug in.
In General the game can advise. However, those who are waiting for CS:GO destructible, the graphics on the level of BF3 - can't buy. And Yes, downloading is not advised. Zadolbali specifically in order to properly play. Best buy, the more it costs 350 rubles, if you know the place. All others recommend the game - Yes, the flaws I described is not everything, but what bothers me specifically - written (the lack of new maps). Otherwise, the game is really superior to CS:S.

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