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iTunes Store:;ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Meet the continuation Cut The Rope. New levels, items, and candy. You need again to feed the insatiable Am Nyamaa delicious candies. Something appeared at the mad (but not bad) of a scientist that studies the little creature that mysteriously came to his house. Intrigued by greedy appetite Am Nyamaa for sweets, Professor carries with it a series of experiments which turned into a merry game, the sequel to one of the original and Zabavy games in the App Store. A NEW TWIST FAMILIAR AND VERY EXCITING GAMEPLAY Cut the Rope: Experiments again you need to cut the rope and feed the little monsters who was loved by millions of people around the world, but now with new features and gameplay elements, including the harpoons and the suction Cup. You will be able to help the Professor and Am Nyamu go through these stupid experiments? You will have: - 75 new experiments (levels) with 3 colorful new settings! - 3 pack levels: training, candy tyre, sticky traces - New music tracks, sound and animation Am Nyamaa[ MEET PROFESSOR! Meet a new character in the adventure Nyamaa Am! Wacky Professor adds colorful comments about the achievements of the gameplay (or lack of them), adding a new element of interaction between the player and the game. Why Professor so intrigued by the little creature? - Find hidden pictures to help the scientist with his experiments! Collect a full album of photos for a Professor and will inform your friends in Facebook - New storyline ALL NEW LEVELS WITH GREAT FEATURES - Support Game Center's achievements and leaderboards - compare their records with other reshatelem ropes around the world! - The option “Gift This App” will help you to have fellowship with Am Namam with friends
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