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The game of The Dark Meadow is a horror, where the player must explore some abandoned hospital. In an interview with the developers, they are very often mentioned the film "pan's Labyrinth", including fans mystics will be happy. Gameplay part of the game is quite... the original. In principle, we are waiting for linear FPS in the image of Rage, but with a small caveat - the main weapon of the player is a bow with arrows. I.e. for shooting in the game, as in some of the Angry Birds, drawing the string to adjust the strength of the shot. If the monster got too close, the game goes into a second phase - hand to hand combat-style Infinity Blade (with all its deviations and parrying with the sword). Just waiting for us about 6 hours of pure gameplay, and if the game will be a success, it is quite possible multiplayer. A little confused by the term of development of this game - only 3 months with the release of the 25-th of July. On the other hand the developers quite decent work experience with large video games - they worked on games such as Wheelman, Kinect Adventures Psi-Ops and Stranglehold.
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