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Darkness 2, The - computer game 2012 in the style of action and horror. This new version of the world-famous series of The Darkness.
It's been 10 years and the head of the syndicate Jackie Estacado trying to cope with their abilities. He rose to the position of a mafia boss and now takes on the war on a global scale, which erupted between gangsters. So dark forces useful for the main character.
During the passage of gamers have sometimes to get into a completely different reality (a psychiatric hospital). This illusion was created by the darkness to the character has gone mad.
The gameplay is quite similar to the first part, but there are several significant innovations. For example, you can apply the powers and firearms at the same time. Interactivity locations also great grew up, now all you can use the environment in a fight. In addition, Jack allowed to use their skills even in public places - in the first version to do so was not allowed.
The player must pay attention to light during the passage, as its direct impact hinders the application of supernatural abilities.
The main character has an assistant - Mignon-demon. With its help it is easier to overcome obstacles and to move further. He also has the ability to laugh with their antics and various jokes. Gamer can play, even for him.
The main plot is directly connected multiplayer "Vendetta", which has several modes: "Black list" and "Cooperative". So a single game can turn into a command. For example, you want all members to unite and attack some well-defended target.
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The Darkness 2. Videorecensione

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2K: "Damn, we work hard"

The Darkness II differs from its predecessor by the number of different actions, but this is done not in order to surpass the original game, the developers were simply inspired by the first part.
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The release of the Darkness II is delayed

News about porting games The Darkness 2 - the double-edged sword. On the one hand is the familiarity with the new product, on the other hand, developers have more time for the qualitative study of games.
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