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In the spirit of the best traditions of the series, Dead Rising, in the third part of the player "heat" will meet hordes of zombies, death-dealing, wherever that will be. The main resistance walking dead will give the mechanic Nick Remos. By the usual zombies in the game are expected to be at least four characters psychopaths bosses, each of which has specific physical parameters.
For wiping out enemy will come not only weapons, but also the set of available tools scattered across a vast location. The player is not bolted to a strict storyline. You can always go either way and do everything that you wish. Most importantly, stay safe and not to yield to the enemy under the fierce onslaught.
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The new update is already online

Just recently, the team Capcom decided to please gamers and has released a new update of the project Dead Rising 3. New content in its essence is the next Chapter of "Unknown stories Los Perdidos". And the name of the new - Fallen Angel.
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A new trailer and screenshots

There is such a thing as inseparable couple. Now - these are the Xbox and the series of games Dead Rising, the third part which will be released very soon, along with NextGen-the Xbox One.
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The hero of the game will be able to call on these phones

Thanks to technology SmartGlass owners of the Xbox 360 can connect with their own console tablet or smartphone, however, the sensible application of this technology and have not found. Maybe things will change after the release of Xbox One.
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Teaser trailer for Dead Rising 3

On the official Canale Xbox on youtube has uploaded a new trailer for Dead Rising 3, the game will be available with the release of Xbox One.
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New card game Dead Rising 3, and so on.

Capcom Vancouver has officially announced a new map of the game world, action adventure Dead Rising 3. The dimensions of the map is very impressive card DR3-size can easily accommodate Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 combined.
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