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Diablo 3 is the continuation of well-known and popular computer game Diablo 2. Unlike the previous series, Diablo III has become even more functional. The emergence of gems, runes, new sets of objects gave the game a great variety, and the product became more interesting. The game Diablo, which is the original, fill the tension in the atmosphere and the darkness.
Diablo II and Diablo have a number of common elements. These are the levels (they can be re-generate it). 's environment both games can constantly update because there is a constant and unpredictable attacks of enemies, a variety of intriguing events. The game's plot designed to the smallest detail. He talks about the events of the battle between Hell and Heaven, the people who were in the thick of these events and are victims, volunteers or random parties.
A continuation is a game of Diablo 3. She further improved, exceeds the number of elements of the previous two games, and with their help even more conveys the image of the Shrine.
No small advantage of the game add runes. These elements are a direct way to control their own, the level of damage. With runes, you become more accuracy radius of their actions. Increase the capacity of attacks that influence the state of the enemies (the slowdown of their actions, the stun), change their abilities, their nature and character fully depends on the player.
During the game you will have your own helpers, reminiscent of mercenaries Diablo 2. They have weapons and able to assist you in confronting the enemies. In the vast sanctuary you are waiting for the artisans. They will also accompany you and assist in the application of this or that you found the subject.
Scheme battle in Diablo 3 is traditional. Algorithm battle is that the attack, the use of ability, death of the enemy. However, not everything is as usual. The battles are intense, have a strategy and never repeat each other. There are different variety of abilities that allow you to create your strategy and fighting style. Potion games will have the ability to repair itself, so the game difficulty increases, and the process becomes more interesting. You will have to monitor the situation of battle, careful and considerate approach to target setting.
New control Diablo 3 gives a chance to quickly select the necessary abilities for a particular fight.
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Sometimes you look at this cosplay and I think it's how people had to go to all this magnificence so to implement.

Good sales Reaper of Souls

Huge media giants can not boast of their successes, and Blizzard is no exception. Selling Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls exceeded 2.7 million copies.
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PS4 and Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition

As Blizzard promised - at BlizzCon was demonstrated Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls on the next-gen console Playstation 4. But beyond that Blizzard decided to make another surprise future Playstation 4 owners.
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