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A presentation about creating games (part 2)

A presentation about creating games (part 2) Dishonored 2: Darkness of Tyvia

What it takes to create a sequel to the game of the year according to the British Academy of film and television arts (BAFTA, eng. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts)?

Sebastien Mitton was Important to visit the various places of the city, not only to take photos, but to talk to people, then sharing it with the team. Had a photo shoot in Los Angeles that placed the atmosphere Karnacki, lighting, oceanic influences, etc. as Sebastien Mitton was in Malibu, Barcelona, wanted to go to Cuba, but it failed. For Barcelona it looks like Dishonored, but too many balconies)).
Christophe Carrier And too many Windows and doors)) but you can feel Dishonored in this photo, especially flat roofs. But of course the creators couldn't move the game too much can be destroyed (e.g. broken Windows and you can get inside). It would turn out that you can just travel through the streets, leaping over the balcony without even using super-powers.
The first poster is Dishonored with a view Karnacki is a mixture of Islands of the Congo and the great metropolis of the type of aircraft. It shouldn't look too Sunny to be perceived as fun days that people can go there on vacation. You can see the sun, but also rain.
Unfortunately, they are unable to make this kind of game, where you will not see the city from such a great distance. But they put it in the form of a picture on one of the locations in the apartment of aristocrat. There you can stop and admire the beautiful views. This is not photoshop, no editing, this is a real handmade.
Photo of the team, 17 people, in the first part it was 20 people. In the photo – mustache day in November.
Sebastien talks about the importance of the team, that he had no particular office, it is always with the team, they have a large open space that allows you to communicate easily and share ideas.
Photo by Emily hand, although it's just the hand you see the beautiful detail of the clothes, the gestures. The same careful work has been done for each character. During operation, they exchanged opinions are cool? Yes, but you can change it here or yeah, cool! Ingoda had kind of scary... like that table... can we talk? Yes you can, scare, shake)) now we see it brought excellent results.
Christophe Carrier says that he would like to have home items from Dishonored, not because he is their Creator, but because it's true and they're cool. Each object has been carefully designed and styled. When he saw some object, let's take this table – he asked – it interactively? Uh... no. And it needs to be! You need to have the top part was removed. After this, the team has figured out how to do it, and then everyone asked why we did that?)) what's the point? why do toilets not working, if still nobody uses them?)) why do we need all this? Then I answered, it is necessary for 2 reasons. It's cool when the world around them and can interact, if I go to the toilet and want to wash away the water – this should work)). If I want to open a window, it should work. I feel that everything that can work - should work. This is the first reason. The second is more philosophical when in the game just interactive objects with which to interact, such as the typewriter that you press in, to continue the story and you go and hit this and that the more interactive the more you think – if I open a window, maybe I need to climb it? This gives the player the information! Gives you the choice of what to do. So I think the player will think more and try different ways to interact with objects, use them creatively, and not just because it is necessary to pass. Go explore, find things, use them, experiment.
We do not give the player the rules, we tell him YES.
Next, Sebastien shows the development of the image of Emily
So philosophy. Too short) can I talk about my philosophy?)))
Development from Dishonored 1 until the second part is not only graphics, which is all the time people say is art. People now talk a lot about video cards, technology, software, etc.
Our technology is not only graphics, op...
Christophe Carrier is a picture of our designer, but that's not all he has created)) (the picture is written – no room to paint the base). In this game for power light walls they use similar turbines, not as in the first part where you can go, remove the canister and disable it – then the wind brings the wall lights and the wind turbine always is spinning, the wind is always there. They decided to make destroying the blade, but it looked uncomfortable – too massive, a lot of wooden debris and need to have a minimum of bullets. Yes, this is a good option, but what if all stocks is over..? you need to find another way to break. Thus came the idea of the arm (lever) that can be disabled. But it should be placed at the base of the)) cause that's where it should be - there to get one. But then we thought – there is a guard, and he's smart, he will see that the windmill is no longer working and he will come in and turn it on again. And the player would have to go on and off))
And this can go on and on)) it may take a week and that's bad. So we put the lever above and came up with the idea of a large platform...LOL and it ruined the whole idea of design, because the platform requires rails, and other things.... I'm sorry...)) in the end, now the platform is above, it is possible to hop on and off. Here's a cool story))
Sebastien Mitton Which broke the entire presentation...))
Let's get back to philosophy. We had a clear vision of where we're headed, well-motivated team Arkane – programmers, level designers and others, it was very important to visualize everything and I see a great opportunity for PR companies.
One day player will enjoy this wonderful content we worked on.
The game uses a new engine, but about it later.
Further demonstration of the changes of the image of Corvo and Emily. When they worked on the first part, they said we are small (Arkane), but we are smart, we are good and we had success. And when they started working on the second part of Sebastien asked the art team – remember Terminator 1 and Terminator 2? They said Yes we get the idea. Terminator 2 is one of the greatest movies, so this is a good example and a good goal to achieve.
And again Emily. Compare Dishonored was cool and now Dishonored 2... you can see the difference before and after. Visible detailing how much energy we have invested.
The game used the engine VOID from id TECH. It allows you to work with Schrader, face, details...
Christophe adds about the difficulties in achieving the 3-level of detail (with use of lenses). You need to remember about the lighting, sun glare, etc, it was quite difficult, but possible to achieve a very high level. It's just amazing what level we have achieved with our team. We have advanced technology, how could what helped us the new engine. Sometimes we have something did not work, but the next day somebody came and said – I found a solution. And we never know we might ultimately conceived and almost done the level will have to cut, because there it is impossible to implement all that is needed.
It is very scary when you realize that the level of the work years, might just have to cut... but at the same time the new engine has so many features that allows you to implement a lot. And I have no regrets))
At E3 they showed the movie and many asked – he is very different from the trailer 2 years ago so this is from? We didn't want to tell too much, but those who see ask – is the game or is the trailer again? That's great. Shade in sight, dynamism, architecture is part of the work of each team member.
Christophe said that he had always in mind was a picture as he saw it and when he saw the trailer – that was even better. And it's very scary and we are definitely able to do this?.. we have)) now you can say this is not 100% like in the trailer but very close, the same feelings of transformation of the situation. Technically it was difficult, but we made it. A preview trailer gave us motivation to go further than we first wanted.
At some point they wanted to cut the level shown in the trailer, what was said – if it's in the trailer, so should be in the game – no way! and the level was (... Oh, Yes, and we spent 4 years on this level....)))
When working on a project 2 years – surrounded by so many stress, so many ideas, levels... and you look and think – that it is to cut. But on this is still ongoing work...
One of the technicians did a great job on mechanisms as they move, they seem real could exist in the real world, so they are real. They don't seem stupid, if you look at them think that they can make and use at home. Yes, why not?
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