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Rutabajjuka talk about creating a Dishonored 2

Rutabajjuka talk about creating a Dishonored 2 Dishonored 2: Darkness of Tyvia

What it takes to create a sequel to the Game of the year 2013 according to the British Academy of film and television arts (BAFTA, eng. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts)?

The developers of Christophe and Sebastien Mitton Carrier talking about how it was to win in 2013 at the BAFTA and about their expectations when creating a sequel. In this video they speak about the creation of the "spirit" Dishonored 2 with a strong team and the importance of using quality materials.

Greeting the representatives of the BAFTA - British Academy of film and television arts (BAFTA, eng. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) game, the winner of 2013, inviting the audience to join him on the BAFTA website.

Sebastien Mitton This presentation basically talks about the atmosphere and game world, about how the game was created taking into account the fact that the first part was awarded the title of game of the Year from BAFTA.

Christophe Carrier says that he will never forget the day of receipt of the Award. How much love they received from others, all were happy and congratulated the team. He would like for everyone to experience such. Joking as it was – the team was sitting at the table with glasses, and "they" (the Committee BAFTA) sat at the table with the awards. All night the developers listened to the winners in different nominations and spoke to each other – OK, we other time)). Following the sixth award, they decided that nothing will get today, relaxed, began to drink and joke with each other. And suddenly Christophe heard the announcement of the nomination game of the year, raised his glass in anticipation of what will have someone to congratulate and then sounded Dihonored – the whole team just turned 360 degrees, it was incredible!

Sebastien Mitton says how important all the components of the game – its the spirit (atmosphere), philosophy and style. He watched "ocean's eleven", drank a lot of coffee and thought he needs a team of brilliant specialists. To like a movie, each doing something different, and not as it was many years ago, when one designer was responsible for everything. Sergey Kolesov, Russian artist whose work he admires have been invited to work in their Studio 3-4 years ago and he participated in the creation of the first part. They focused on creating art and then introducing this into a game.

Christophe Carrier adds that they have invited real professional artists to create ideas and pictures that are used in the game. However, almost all the time of creating the game he felt bad when I saw all those beautiful concept arts – felt like he hangs klonowski red nose on the Mona Lisa. Most of the time he had to destroy the beautiful)) he was cleaning the balcony, added ridiculous details.... Maybe he wanted to apologize)) but he thinks it's made the game fun.

Sebastien Mitton further shows paintings of the Polish artist with whom he got involved because he liked his crazy art and a lot of things he has brought into play its particular vision.

The organizer asked how they found the artists, we scored just Google "cool pictures"?

Yes, Yes it was))
And yet they read the reviews on the game, where people laid out the concepts, if they liked – they were in touch with their authors. Even before they create Dishonored (Arkane) was a small company in France, who worked with Bethesda, so they simply talked with people who knew them, sent them pictures. Now of course they are on a different level.
In General, they are attracted to people and piece by piece created the atmosphere of the game, each brought something of their own. Sebastien studied at the school of DJing and creating Dishonored has used all its knowledge, embodied the idea first in drawings, which in different ways look on the monitor and on paper, they then sent them several sculptors in new York, Romania, Poland, to create unique characters. Very important proportions, anatomical characters. They worked in conjunction with the Paris Museum has about 6 months on the creation of sculptures of the characters in the pictures, it was a real art and it was very interesting.
The creators have learned a huge amount of feedback and gathered a lot of information about the artists, sculptors and photographers. They are all very carefully assembled (the frame with a bunch of folders) was analyzed – such as painting with people at the table, studied the scene staging, the costumes, they wanted to create a style in game, as in the 1950-ies. Draws attention to the displayed aspect of the social interaction of people in the paintings to make it in game missions. Old photo textile store in London, which was destroyed during the bombing and now no longer exists, which also inspired the General style. Special realism Dishonored 2 is borrowed from a Russian artist from the picture which was taken a few minor characters for the game.

Christophe Carrier was One of the first art of the game – but with everything – buildings, citizens, security, back – landscape plant. You can see a huge building, the roof of which later will be different events, they decided that on the roof it will be interesting. In the same window – so that the player could sneak into this building and get out of it. On the left the city. They were thinking it will be more convenient for the player to interact with the town – not to lose sight of the protection and not lose benefits. They really thought a lot about this and come back to that later in the conversation.

Sebastien Mitton in the background are boarded up wood Windows that can break and get inside. Openable Windows)) each Department assessed these artifacts from its position and either said – cool! or gave advice on what to change.
Christophe Carrier said earlier that he "destroyed" paintings, so he meant that every artist, architect contributed to the creation of each location, and he connects together the ideas of different people. It was quite fun to work together on the creation of levels.
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  • Date: 11 November 2016 14:30

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