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Players Dota 2 now more than fans of the World of Warcraft

More 7860000 players played Moba Valve in the last month.

Valve, due to the incredibly successful MOBA, now has more players in Dota 2 than MMO from Blizzard, World Of Warcraft .

The official Dota 2 blog is a place to track the total number of unique players who started a game last month. According to Reddit user dagla, the counter shows players DotA 2 7860000 per month - a number that is just over 7800000 subscribers of World of Warcraft, compared with Activision in February.

There is, of course, important differences: users of World of Warcraft, each of which splurged on a $ 15 fee for access to the game every month (unless, of course, they did not choose a long-term subscription, in this case, you get a discount).

Dota 2 is a free game, and very aggressive in many ways. Unlike competitor, League of Legends, it gives players access to all characters for free. Instead, the game makes money on the sales of beauty products, new language packs, and other things that have no direct impact on gameplay.

Players Dota 2 now more than fans of the World of Warcraft Dota 2

Generally speaking, only a small percentage of players in the free game spend money - a recent report has suggested that the number was 2.2%. Although paying players in Dota 2 spend more than $ 15 per month, there is no accurate way to compare how much money Blizzard and Valve make these two games.

It should also be noted that while 7860000 players Dota 2 is a pretty impressive number, it is inferior to the number of players of League of Legends. Earlier this year, developer Riot Games has announced that launch the game more than 27 million players every day, this totals 67 million players per month.

Valve has released their first ever documentary last month. It Chronicles the stories of three professional players of Dota 2, as they played in the first ever International tournament in Dota 2. Recently the company has released an updated build for Dota 2, which represents a wide range of changes and fixes.
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