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Dragon's Dogma is the envy and hatred of the user in respect of konsolschikam". Great Role-Playing Game has become popular among fans of dragons, epic battles and virtual worlds. Sadly, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 exclusive. Developers Capcom stand on its own, regardless deplorable requests. Fans of these games will once again be able to enjoy, recently game Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.
Players who are not familiar with the creation of Role-Playing Game, will be happy built here storyline. As for the "Oldies"who examined every nook of the world Dragon's Dogma, they developed new island Bitterbuck for entertainment. In order to be there, you need to approach a girl eagle, which is in the port town of Cascadas. The eagle will help the hero to go to the new earth. During the game to visit the island at any time, this is only available to players of the fiftieth level. In General, all is still, take attendant, wear cool clothes and go to the monsters with different levels of danger. The team needed everywhere: mages will need to treat, archers to fill up arrows at enemies. Although in some moments, team delivers unnecessary inconvenience than aid. If someone from comrades fell, the main character must come to him, and lend a helping hand. In the process of fighting with a big monster, assistants, the main character, will constantly be chasing him for assistance. To the great joy, developers calmed friends, and now they will fill you all sorts of comments.
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Dragon's Dogma will be released on the PC because of the system of collateral

When Dragon's Dogma announced for the first time, many felt that Capcom took the opportunity to add co-op gameplay. According to the information Gamebomb.ru in place of the cooperative regime came collateral system. Meanwhile, the developers have prepared a release trailer for the game, which is in the appropriate section of the game.

Concept art Dragon's Dogma

Capcom introduced the art of the main character of the game Dragon's Dogma, whose role the player will travel around the world of this RPG developed for consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Classes there will be three standard warlock, warrior and wanderer (something between a thief and Archer).

Selection of screenshots, Dragon's Dogma

The company Capcom has published a small selection of screenshots RPG Dragon's Dogma, depicting the characters of the project, fighting dangerous creatures that inhabit the virtual world of the game.
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