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Release in North America: August 30, 2011. Release in Europe: September 1, 2011. Driver: San Francisco is so fashionable in recent full restart" series, the game without serial numbers, the ideological successor of the first, the most successful part of the racing game series with open world. Tanner is a police undercover, our main character in the original Driver is in a remake suddenly falls into a deep coma, during which he always thinks he's still running patrol officers and brings order in native of San Francisco.
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Driver:San Francisco

The action takes place several months after the events of Driv3r. John Tanner and Charles Jericho survived the shootout in Istanbul and returned to the United States. Moved from Miami to San Francisco,Tanner continues to patrol the streets of the city.
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Driver: San Francisco class

I do not know whether to talk about it, but the site staff have your cozy CATIC, where we are constantly discussing the game. Well... not just games, of course, but this is certainly not to talk about.
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Driver: San Francisco Launch trailer

Ubisoft has revealed the Launch trailer of the upcoming Driver: San Francisco. After unsuccessful experiments of series I hope that Ubisoft will still be able to meet the expectations of people still remembering the good old "Cage".
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New estimates

In the network there are several new estimates of Driver: San Francisco.
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Announced the Demo for Driver: San Francisco

Ubisoft has announced via Twitter the demo for Driver: San Francisco. The demo will be released for PSN and XBLA. Release date they did not say, but in a short time will tell, because before the game remains a bit of time.
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