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Duke Nukem 3D - cult computer game in a genre of first-person shooter created by 3D Realms (a division of Apogee) in 1996. Duke Nukem 3D is a logical continuation of the series of Duke Nukem, but if the first two games of the series were two-dimensional platform, then the third part is made in the popular at that time the style of Doom (pseudochromidae corridors, view from the first person, battles with various kinds of cold steel and firearms, as well as the fictional weapons). In fact, Duke Nukem 3D was a response to the company Apogee in the series, Doom (Doom, Heretic, Doom 2) by id Software, with which Apogee were longtime rival relations from the times of Wolfenstein 3D. But the third of a three-dimensional part of Duke Nukem not become just another clone of Doom, she started competing released at the same time technically more perfect Quake and brought into the industry, many innovations and unexpected decisions that now by right may challenge the title of the forefather of many modern shooters such as Half-Life and Half-Life 2). Storyline: Duke Nyukem returns to Los Angeles after the events of the game Duke Nukem II. Suddenly the radio receives a distress signal: city storming previously unknown enemy - aggressive alien race, who arrived with the purpose of abduction of women. Space ship Duke strays missile, but he managed to catapult onto the roof of the house. He takes up arms and starts the slaughter, destroying the aliens on the way to their leaders. Each episode has its own peculiarity in the plot. Main character: Duke Nyukem (eng. Duke Nukem) (voiced by John St. John) - a special agent of the U.S. government, brutal and mocking action-hero appearance reminding Dolph Lundgren. In General, one of the most colorful characters in computer games. In the course of action can joke and even perepisyvatsya with the player. Replica from the game quickly sold to a quote. In the same part of the game appeared the famous expression Duke of Nukem: "It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum!" ("Time to kick ass and chew gum!"), referring to the movie "Aliens among us".
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Classic Duke Nukem 3D for Android

Tapjoy and MachineWorks NorthWest came together to please the owners of gadgets Android: they ported the game Duke Nukem 3D. Soon it will appear in the Android Marketplace.
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