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Trailer additions Bozak Horde for Dying Light

In March the Polish Studio Techland predstavila upcoming video game Dying Light. also Yesterday, the developers finally released the trailer for the new downloadable add-on "Bozak Horde", which is scheduled for release on may 26.

The first information about the next DLC has appeared on the official Twitter-page of the game. It follows from this that the "Bozak Horde" will include the new location of the game - the stadium. Here, players will become real gladiators fighting with the hungry hordes of zombies and performs the task of organizer of this bloody entertainment - the villain Bosaka. Probably the murder of Bosaka and become the ultimate goal of the Supplement.

Also it is worth noting that in addition to the player will be available for new weapons, like the crossbow shoots electrical bolts that can hit a large group of enemies.

The Dying Light Bozak Horde will be available on may 26 as part of the season pass or as a separate addition at the price of 20$.
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