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Ethan: Meteor Hunter is a new platformer from Seaven Studio. In fact, Ethan: Meteor Hunter is a kind of anthology of the genre, except that it's not his debut. Even the authors do not hide the fact that in the process the developers they would look back at the most popular game, but the most obvious associations are Braid, Trine, SuperMeat Boy and LittleBigPlanet.
Seaven many times stated that in their new project the player is free to choose their own style of play. On some levels have headlong rush forward and back, dodging dangerous wheels with shields, and simultaneously be able to jump over a pit filled with acid. But on other levels, you will have plenty of time to relax, and to take the stage with pleasure. The main feature of Ethan is torn gameplay. Imagine You have just solved another puzzle, and now have to ride the scenery, climb walls and jump over traps. And here again the puzzle. Is it good or bad to say it is impossible, at least in the format preview.
Ethan: Meteor Hunter

Plot the plot is quite simple. On the Ground had fallen meteorite, which allowed the mouse to Ethan to move objects with their mind and slow down and even stop time. Ethan decides to take up collecting all the pieces of the meteorite, instead of starting to earn millions as a loader. Alas, superhero abilities are somewhat limited. Use them only in well-defined locations, and a fixed number of times. When it comes time to move the cubes and slow time, on the lips involuntarily smile, and the brain remembers that something like that was in a Braid and Trine. There's even a special button for suicide - as in LBP. After destruction, the player will be transported to the last save point.
The game and its tricks are really fun. Because it's cool to jump off the platform during the flight to stop time, to move the platform to where it should fall, and finally press the pause. It looks cool and funny. But not if You played a large part of these projects. In this case, You quickly feel that the game lacks personality. To say that the French have borrowed too much from competitors, would not be true. They splaytime everything you could speciality. The main character is the little mouse with an enormous tail, and call it memorable by no means gets. And affects not only the character, but his death animation. It just falls apart, it simply evaporates. Looks very sloppy and vague, and why was it necessary to do so - it is completely unclear.
The scenery is under be the hero. Instead look at these games Trine or Rayman, the French decided to "bend" their line. Why vivid and memorable design, if you can do shades of brown and incredibly bland levels? If developers do not change at the root level in the full version of the game, the rare gamer make it yourself, and pass it through to the end. Yes, each of the available episodes brings into play something new, but it is not enough to permanently captivate gamers.
As for the music in the demo version, it is quite good. On the other hand - it is so little that sometimes I wanted to take and mute. Believe me, listening to over and over again the same melody, gradually start to go crazy...
Ethan: Meteor Hunter
At the moment, Ethan: Meteor Hunter fights with other projects on Steam Greenlight, and of course it will come out the winner, and gets the same in the Steam directory, if only because it is much better than an Amateur DIY, которымиSteam Greenlight simply overcrowded. The developers have promised to introduce a lot in the trial version of the game, but almost none of this was observed. The only thing that is nice - the game is fully translated into the great and powerful. However, this is hardly an achievement for platformer with missing dialogues. Yes, the mechanics of the game contains a lot of interesting ideas, and the management just happy fingers. However, the "sloppiness" of the project and a lot of borrowing from other games can be played with Ethan: Meteor Hunter cruel joke.
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