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This is an exciting role-playing game in the genre of first-person shooter. Control characters in the game world through Op. The game takes place in a mysterious world where gamers have to try on the role of young Gabriel. The guy is very young and mistakenly strayed from the native tribe. But not all bad - he comes to the aid charming, but mysterious Teresa. And this company will go a long way, full of danger and adventures. On the way heroes will meet lots of monsters and enemies to defeat, not so much by means of fists, many thanks to the mind.
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The first evaluation

It seems that the experiment with the project Fable: The Journey has failed. At least by critics give merciless discharge, even though there is a pretty high score.
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The demo is already on Xbox Live

The demo version of Fable: The Journey appeared this morning on Xbox Live Marketplace and will take 1.22 GB on your hard disk space.
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