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    CPU 300 MHz, 64 Mb, 8 Mb Video
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    CPU 600 MHz, 128 Mb, 16 Mb Video
FIFA Soccer 2002 - football simulator with very realistic graphics and a variety of functions. Unlike previous versions of this game you can create tournaments, clubs and even his players.
Great gapley surprised, but that's just beyond national team, you can see only 1 command with the name of Moscow. If you look at the players, we can see the locomotive. Due to the fact that the rating intentionally understated, to beat some good team can be very easy.
In FIFA Soccer 2002 there are teams all over the world, but half of gamers just don't have the names - only rooms.
And so it begins... Opponent separates the ball and starts habit to make passes at home. It seems that you have little chance, and indeed it is. Because when mounted transmission will be difficult to catch up with the increasing speed of the player from the opposing team. This is the first surprise from the new version.
In addition, the direction of the selection of the ball now you have to choose yourself, although in the previous version it was enough just to press D. But there is a pleasant change to get away from the attacker can simply enabling the acceleration.
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