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Genre: For girls
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Flash games for girls online.

Games for girls - special game group targeted at female audiences of all ages. Popular Flash games due to its proximity to the actual women's lives. Their advantage lies in the fact that in addition to interesting leisure time, the player will learn to plan your day, quickly memorize the necessary information to solve the unexpected and difficult task.

Games for girls will introduce you to a world of beauty and creativity, fantasy and romantic stories. No violence or cruelty are the only kindness, peace and mutual support.
Under dress gathered flash games in which the user will be able to dress up dolls, supermodels, actress, Sims favorite cartoons. This pastime will help to develop the taste and to learn to dress with style.

Games do makeup on, you need to create or modify images, hairstyles, make beautiful makeup, but at the same time and learn how to make any person more beautiful.
Culinary skills can be developed with the help of the "cooking food" in which instead of a magic wand will be your mouse and you can cook virtual salads and soups, pancakes, cakes and other sweets.

To care for animals, to treat sick animals, become a stylist or a Manager of a large firm in games, simulators. The player can build and open a restaurant or cafe, fashion shop, night club and hotel, as well as play in the hospital. The main plot of this genre - simulation of the world and life.
In the section of the adventure games contains games-history, and which it is necessary to look for something, someone to save, while collecting various bonuses, run and jump, otherwise pass the level will not work.

For those who like to think specially designed puzzle game that consists of searching for the solution of complex tasks with different levels of complexity - from simple, consisting of lines to three-dimensional tasks on logic. Can be layered and games-puzzles, mysterious adventure games, escape games (in which you must find a way out of the locked room).
Anime games are flash-games in which you can create a character beloved anime series, to pick up his clothes, hair style, change the style.
In the design of games to create the design of the rooms, entire apartments and shops.

Lovers of exciting and colourful stories will appeal to the arcade and game-adventure.
Flash games - browser, which means that they do not have to download and install on your computer.

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