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Genre: Brawl
To play the flash fights online.

Aggression is part of human nature, inseparable from the ancient times. Men always apparent desire to fight in the battle for the championship. That is why the battle and fights always had a place in the brutal man's world. At present these men's needs find expression in virtual games, to meet which were developed play-fighting. Games of this genre are both classic examples of a fighting genre (famous mortal Kombat) and new modern games, not had time to become quite popular. The plot fitingovyh games is not only simple: there are games with a strong story in a few lines!

Fights are quite easy and intuitive as a mouse, and joystick. Despite the weakness of the graphics and the easy, play-fighting slazit with leading positions. These games are so loved that ahead of many 3D-analogues.

Games fighting online are divided into the plot of the game and tournament play. In the first case, player one is fighting against many enemies, defeats bosses, saves another character. In the second case, the player takes part in the competition and fight for the main prize, passing tournament grid. In these games the main prize is quite often the life of the other.

Flash games genre fighting can be found in the appropriate section on the online IRG. For the convenience of the players got the opportunity to download flash games on the PC, to get into the virtual world at any time of the day. It is worth noting that the Flash fights take up very little space on your computer's hard drive, to run them do not will need a PC with a large capacity and a strong graphics card. For the most ardent fans of the game-fighting developers to create versions for tablets and smartphones that allows you to play even in traffic or on the street, in cafes and bars. The mobile version also does not take up much space, convenient and easy to use.

Undoubtedly, fans of this genre in the most are the stronger sex, but there are women. Men are attracted to heat, fastness what is happening on screen action, while developing a good reaction, attentiveness, thinking (because you have to think through each subsequent course of the enemy in advance). The advantage of virtual fights obvious - the user will receive the necessary adrenalin and excitement, will satisfy the desire to assert themselves, this will save your health.

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