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Genre: Strategy
Interesting flash online strategy.

Strategy - game genre in which to achieve the set goals will need to develop a strategy and game tactics. In this Flash game, the user controls not one, but several characters whose actions directly affect the success of the task.

Flash strategies include step-by-step, in which the game story will not move forward until the player performs a number of specific tasks, and games online - when all the gamers involved in the game at the same time. The variety of flash games strategy additionally subdivided into types (economic, military, and others). Basically, the passage of such games spent a lot of time, not to do without advanced tactical thinking. However, this pastime contributes to the formation of logical thinking.

The category of strategy games is a big part of eSports. The victory depends on the gamer and it's grip. And it does not matter whether it is a flash game for a single user, or sports complex strategy. The game is changing from the strategy chosen by the opponent (computer or a real person), respectively change the model of its behavior. For example, if the defensive opponent can build a huge army and to break it instantly. On the contrary, tactics lightning attack in the beginning of the game will not work against an opponent with a strong defense. Therefore, simply clicking with the mouse will not help the player will have to think through the moves and action plan.

As at 2014 archive flash games-strategy includes thousands of different games of different genres: economic, military, role-playing, RPG, tower-defense, etc. Each of these games is original and the story from its counterparts. What are the advantages of flash games before the regular games?
Flash game does not require installation on the computer; it is enough to have Network access and a browser with installed flash-player;
Does not slow down the system, do not freeze, does not require a powerful filling of the computer;
You can play anytime and anywhere due to the fact that the flash game can be installed and run on a PC and on a laptop, tablet or smartphone;
To pass the time for a favorite activity in real-time and offline (no less interesting than over the network);
Most strategies absolutely free;
It is possible to install on the PC, it takes up very little space.

When the full network mode I can fight with both friends and strangers, being the player thousands of miles away. Any flash game you will find a detailed description of the plot and control (which is quite convenient and easy), so the fun will grow several times. If you have any questions or problems you can always write to the developer in the comments or a private letter, thereby helping to optimise gameplay.

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