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GenreGenre: Platformers
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Platformers 2014 - download games for free.

This genre is perfect for those occasions when you want to have fun free time without much mental effort. Platformers well contribute interesting relaxation and distraction from the real issues. There is a huge number of games for personal computers and many other devices. This will allow you to place your favorite platformers completely free of charge, both at home and at work or on the subway.

The motto of the genre - "there's No need to complicate things"

The essence of the platform is easy to determine from the title. The meaning of such games is in the movement of the hero in different transitions, jumps on the stairs, the stairs. In the course need to bypass or jump over obstacles. Particularly bloodthirsty gamers can shoot enemies.

Features of the platform:

• No need to think about the game, the brain can relax;
• No branching storyline, following the proposed path;
• To increase the interest of the gamer most platform games allow you to pick up bonuses as you progress character;
• Simplified graphics and intuitive control;
• Platformers mostly do not require extensive installation and registration.

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