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In the development of Grand Theft Auto 5

Preparing pre-order the PC version

Recently, some Internet-shop Amazon began to open pre-order the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5. Now, according to anonymous sources, known in Finland, Denmark and Norway retailer Elgiganten is going to open pre-order for GTA V.
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GTA 5 for PC hit Amazon

Plus one in the Treasury rumors "GTA V on PC". This happens is not the first time the online store before they are put up for sale all the long-awaited game.
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Hacked pre-release version of GTA V

Unexpectedly GTA 5 appeared in the PlayStation Network, however, she soon disappeared. But despite this, it still managed to download (approximately 18 GB).
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Will there be a game in the fall?

According to Chris Evenden it is assumed that GTA 5 will be released this fall. During transcribed conference SeekingAlpha Evenden said GTA V in the list of widespread games, which will be released on PC soon.
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Three fresh trailer

You wanted more information, screenshots and videos of GTA 5? Here's three new video about the three main heroes of the game.
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A lot of official information from GameInformer

As it turned out, the past as though official details as if from GameInformer was only well decorated duck, which many happened. But today we released the latest issue of GI and we are ready to give you the most accurate information.

New screenshots

Rockstar Games has published one more screenshots from Grand Theft Auto V.
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Details pre-order

On November 5, everyone will be able to pre-order Grand Theft Auto 5. Apply for pre-purchase as a bonus, you will receive a poster of the game, and those who will pre-order before anyone else will be able to find in the box with the game keychain Los Santos Photo Viewer, which you can see exclusive renderings of local locations. According to Rockstar Games edition Photo Viewer is very limited, and therefore to have this trinket will only the fastest buyers.
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