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Rumors Grand Theft Auto 5

Version of GTA V for PC will present at E3.Scheduled a June

Version of the game Grand Theft Auto V for PC plan to announce at the upcoming games of E3 in 2014 and launch on June 13. According to the information of our site launch date of the game showed up in the list of projects of the Czech distributor Supergamer.
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Preparing pre-order the PC version

Recently, some Internet-shop Amazon began to open pre-order the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5. Now, according to anonymous sources, known in Finland, Denmark and Norway retailer Elgiganten is going to open pre-order for GTA V.
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GTA 5 for PC hit Amazon

Plus one in the Treasury rumors "GTA V on PC". This happens is not the first time the online store before they are put up for sale all the long-awaited game.
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Litigation Rockstar and Lindsay Lohan

On GTA 5 I want to earn everything. Thought Lindsay Lohan, and now it's hard digging under the creators of GTA 5, as the latter illegally used her image in a video game. At the moment, lawyers Lohan drafting a lawsuit against Rockstar, which is advanced against the latter in the near future.
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Hacked pre-release version of GTA V

Unexpectedly GTA 5 appeared in the PlayStation Network, however, she soon disappeared. But despite this, it still managed to download (approximately 18 GB).
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GTA 5 on PC!

German shops now show the existence of a version of GTA 5 for PC. This information was posted in open access for two popular retail outlets, namely Amazon Germany and GamesOnly. The managers of these stores are taking pre-orders for one of the most anticipated games of the fall of 2013.

New rumors

Rumors about the time of the release of GTA 5 you can only prevent the official announcement. And while it will appear new and new assumptions.
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