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Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer role-playing game from ArenaNet. Fictional world "Tire" changing under the impact of dynamic events that cause players.
The innovation game design, no division into classes, and personalization line plot distinguish Guild Wars 2 before the first part.
Depending on additions to the game may be 5 or 8 of professions that are available to all races. All occupations are divided into subgroups, which depends on wear armor. Scientists are wearing light armor, soldiers - heavy armor, and adventurers - medium variant of protection. The standard quest system replaced the events that are unfolding under the influence of different factors.
Any event will occur before the end, regardless of the player will continue to participate in it or not. The game is unique skill system and interactions with other characters.
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Veterans will fight together with newcomers

ArenaNet have integrated matchmaking, in which the characters with high levels will stand shoulder to shoulder with newcomers. According to the developers, this is done to encourage gamers to play as a team.
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40 minutes of gameplay Guild Wars 2 gamescom 2011

During a closed press conference Guild Wars 2 at gamescom 2011, Chris Lai from ArenaNet spent journalists demo version of the game available on the stand, impressions and photos from which you could see earlier..
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Gamescom-trailer Guild Wars 2

NCsoft and ArenaNet has released a new video of the MMORPG Guild Wars 2 showing some of the most spectacular and impressive places, events and monsters that will be seen and possibly destroy players. At the beginning of the movie so there are a few moments showing how developed the vision of the developers in the process of creating Tyria. Soon the focus shifts for the monsters that inhabit the fantasy world, then we will show the city and the most interesting battle with epic and not very beings.
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Plot "cinematic" trailer

Appeared in the story "cinematic" trailer, which tells about a king who was cursed city of Ascalon which was under threat of attack Carrow. None of the soldiers of the king could not escape the terrible fate - existence between the world of the living and the dead as ghosts.
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New screenshots of Guild Wars 2

Studio ArenaNet brought his MMORPG Guild Wars 2 in Hamburg, Germany. Still no report from the event, but there is a bunch of screenshots and arts.
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Underwater worlds of Guild Wars 2

Jonathan Sharpe (Jonathan Sharp), game designer Guild Wars 2 at ArenaNet has published a great post in the blog Studio, describing previously unexplored territory for most MMO underwater world of Guild Wars 2. Ready to soak feet?
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