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Half-Life 3 is not even a game, it's a kind of legend, unfulfilled prediction may be just an Internet meme. The last game series Half-Life came out terrible to say when - back in 2007 and since then a great series rested in oblivion. The game developers headed by Gabe Newell remain silent about the fate of the continuation of Half-Life, the time in the Internet pop up any rumors out of the camp to Valve, but they as fast, frustrating the official denials.
Any reliable information on the future game is still there; it is unknown whether there will be continued to be called Half-Life Episode Three, or just Half-Life 3. Perhaps all this time, since 2007, and perhaps even earlier, the new great game series is in development, and may it be long delayed, who knows. This approach, by the way, it may surprise people used to regularly see a new part of the popular series such as Call of Duty every year. Be in place by Valve Corporation, the company, Activision, tooth giving out new parts of Half-Life each year.
But there is another interesting theory, confirm which of course not. Perhaps the developers want from Valve timing of the announcement or release Half-Life 3 to start selling your own console Steam Machine. Actually, this step greatly increased the weight of the new console on the market, still, to have this exclusive would not refuse and Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony. If the new information does not appear after the release of Steam Machines, other reasonable explanations for such a long delay Half-Life 3 is very difficult to find.
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Unconfirmed art

Attention, these arts have not been officially confirmed by anyone, especially by Valve.

Gabe Newell is silent about the development of the game

A couple of days ago a well-known development Gabe Newell decided to give a brief interview of the famous edition of the Washington Post, which he told how the work of their company. Additionally, Gabe decided to explain the reasons why Half-Life will not come out every year.
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Steam OS will not get exclusive in game

Even Valve is sometimes wrong. The latter was expected that the announcement of the Steam Controller, Steam Machines and SteamOS will cause blagostny awe most gamers, however, players are not particularly impressed. It was then that Valve and realized that I have to present something different.
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