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Half-Life: Blue Shift is the latest addition to the acclaimed worldwide for the first person shooter game "Half-Life". Here gamer will play not for the usual Gordon Freeman, and for the simple guard Black Mesa - Barney Calhoun responsible for the safety of workers and the safety equipment.
This time gamers will have to escape from the clutches of riot HECU, which broke into research complex. The purpose of HECU is to destroy the alien creatures, located in the building. However, this is not their only task - military also was given the order to kill all the staff as they are witnesses.
Barney Calhoun have set for themselves two reasonable goal is to save innocent scientists and stay alive himself. To do this, gamers have to get into the building with the old teleport, which is able to transfer researchers and Barney out.
Powerful and strange weapons, crowds of enemies, many skirmishes, unexpected meetings with famous heroes games and other great traditions Half-Life await players in addition Blue Shift.
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