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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the fourth part of the famous series "the boy who lived". The plot of the laid novel, but with significant changes. In the film and the book Harry participates in the competition of wizards, the main prize of which is a large sum of money, but in the game there is a shooter.
Here gamer before each level you need to choose what he wants to play Harry, Ron or Hermione. However, they are always together, and the player simply manages one of the heroes.
Introduced RPG - special card that is bought for beans that can be used to improve the health of all of the characters or their magical abilities.
The game is played from a third person (the camera is rotated to different corners). Our heroes will collect 10 boards to successfully complete the current level, but on their way there are various monsters Kiplingi, Bolotnik, Sologhost, Salamanders and other creatures. Against each of them must use the proper spell.
The game is very dynamic. Here gamers will not be bored - monsters constantly attacking our wizards. The same level can be replayed many times. Necessary for their passage shields are very well hidden, and sometimes up to them difficult to reach even three.
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