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System requirements

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    PIII 450 MHz, 128 MB, 4 MB video
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    PIII 800 MHz, 512 MB, 8 MB video
Hearts of Iron 2: Doomsday is an addition to the original versions with the same name. In the core of the game is a New war. She - Nuclear, she is Cold. The action begins in 1945 and the end must in 1954.
• In this game you will have the possibility to modify the equipment, in particular fleet.
• Slightly improved and diplomacy. Make our lives easier it will not, but that's more interesting, without a doubt.
• 4 scenarios, but the main thing, lets get some no skills before you take the main passage.
• All in the game presents 175 countries. You can choose any. However, be careful with the small countries. Take the example of Iraq. The economy there is not developed, the infrastructure is almost none, so play for it is not particularly interesting. But the South American countries are a good option and let you get your company from beginning to end.
• The emergence of intelligence in the game diversifies the process. Now you can get your own spies. However, the complexity of some operations can quickly calm the desire to use these representatives.
• The only thing in this game, not really - this is the schedule. Rather bleak. However, the fascination of the game process compensates for this unfortunate lack.
Well what can I say? Those gamers who like step-by-step strategy game liking. The expression of interest on the part of all the other players will depend rather on their mood.
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