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In game Heaven & Hell combines elements of strategy, RPG and game you have to play in it as either God or the devil. Before you decide on your choice, you will need to undergo a training mission, and then you can start to main tasks of which there are seven for each of the main characters. The goal is the struggle for the souls of the faithful and for this you can use either the soldiers of the Kingdom of Heaven, or the legions of Hell. Will help in the matter and the prophets, which you can send to mortals. They are the main players in the game and is capable of many things: to work miracles, to pave the road to new cards to build the monastery, converted town and initiate the end of the world.
The population of the country is represented by four categories of characters - peasants and townspeople, nomads and workers. They are divided into two groups - believers and neutral. The characters are engaged in the construction of houses of prayer and protectors of the faith, which has three levels. The more the greater the impact on the population. The aim of companies is saved from the flood, if the player is on God's side or the beginning of Armageddon - if he chose the side of evil.
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