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    CPU 1.5 GHz, 512 Мb, 64 Mb Video
The gunfighters to the Nazi troops dedicated - Hidden & Dangerous 2: Sabre Squadron! Unique tactical shooter where gamers need to go through a number of its objectives.
This game tells the story of four soldiers from the British special air service (SAS) (the player can play the team or not). They were dropped by parachute on the territory somewhere between Burma and Norway, simply "swarming" fascists. Command puts all new jobs that have to perform.
In the game there is a realistic appearance as the environment and weapons, technology and the soldiers themselves. Of the features of a series of Hidden & Dangerous one should highlight the fact that missions could be carried out by decision of the player. It is worth noting and realistic physics - bullet ricocheted, punch some items, etc. are Offered here will not need enemies climb from all sides or gamer goes to them.
Official addition to the second part of Sabre Squadron added in a shooter several new maps for single player and multiplayer. Were also added and new weapons.
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