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System requirements

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    CPU 400 MHz, 64 Mb, 32 Mb Video
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    CPU 1 GHz, 128 Mb, 64 Mb Video
Homeplanet: Play with fire - space simulator, where the player will have to conquer outer space, but not just flying on it, and performing many different tasks. Different "Homeplanet" from their peers that a gamer have to go into the game on the news and other sources of in-game information.
However unclear at first, the story is only one of the differences. In "Homeplanet: Play with fire" carefully designed physics. Here spacecraft able to move by inertia, as in full of space, and they don't stop when the fuel in the tank remains. And this fact gives gamers more maneuverability. For example, the ship can be deployed, it would seem, in one place, but always being in the movement along a given trajectory. This gives an opportunity to destroy the enemies that haunt cosmic ship is the main hero Matt Trojdena.
The game of go is not so simple. The storyline filled with different missions, which often impracticable, but eventually the player will learn to cope with any tasks.
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