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Really unusual strategy Hooligans: Storm over Europe decided to present to the public the game developers Hooligans: Storm over Europe. If we all used to that in games of this genre must be built military installations, created a powerful army, better guns, "Hooligans" things are a little different. Here gamer will, in the truest sense of the word, to put together a gang of street bespredelschikov (in particular at football fanatics).
And, most likely, it's clear that should do this gang - Yes, destroy, crush, fight with other bands and fans on the streets of European cities. Gamer first will cater for almost a minor riot in the city - smashing the bus stop, to attack passers-by to stop the traffic. But all this is done to ensure that the team has become even more people so that they become more aggressive and more prepared for such events as the storm whole stadiums, the looting of large public buildings and other objects.
The game was so popular that he acted on the psyche of some young people, so it was forbidden to sell in some countries.
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