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The game Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising is an original mix of simulation and strategy, the game takes place in 2012, after the last war on the planet. For 20 years on Earth dominates the idyllic utopia, and the United civilization began to operate actively in the nearest space. However, the South Pacific Islands through the major cities is applied rocket attack, to find out who is behind this should the player taking on the role of captain of "Antey" - supercable, full of nanotechnology.
In order to defeat the enemy, you need to run to his island and landed on him as a capable squad. The technique of destroying the enemy, is made directly to "antee". To manage it in one of three modes: to control the player in the style of a simulator, to fight as a classic turn-based strategy or to control the troops with the help of complex commands. In the last two options, you complement each unit with a special chip "soul". In the past, more complex tasks, you will have an additional possibility is to use the tools of his ship.
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