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The action role-playing game Icewind Dale 2 takes place in the Valley of the role of the wind in the vicinity of the city Cargos after 30 years after the events described in the first part. The city is threatened with being cut off from the rest of the world. A player's task is to prevent this, for which he is given the opportunity to manage the group from 1 to 6 people. For each mercenary, you can choose a class, race, ability, appearance, abilities, character and name. Each race has some advantages and some disadvantages, class defines a set of skills, and character affects the moral norms of the character and style of communication. The main abilities of the characters is agility, strength, intelligence, Constitution, charisma and wisdom. Skills and abilities in the game - a few dozen.
The characters are developing, completing quests and killing monsters, increasing their Luggage points and level. The player has the ability to distribute the received points between skills and abilities. This is a feature of the game - points a little, and skills - dozens and distribute them it is possible only on the basis of the gaming experience. In comparison with the first part appeared two new races and three character classes. The player can teach Sims three hundred spells.
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