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Ilomilo - amazing arcade puzzle game that involves in itself gamer for a long time.
The essence of the arcade is to reunite lost two young characters with each other. But it is not so easy. The player must use all their mental faculties to go so intricate mazes, and also various simple and complex puzzle.
As the game progresses meet cubes that you want to move in a particular area for solving the puzzle. There are also numerous buttons, necessary for solving other puzzles. In Ilomilo from time to time there are even monsters and should be ignored, otherwise the hero will die. But avoiding them is sometimes not easy.
In addition, the gamer can save other critters to earn additional bonuses at the end of each level. The most attentive players will be able to find three well-hidden secret of the subject, separating new level.
Ilomilo has nice graphics and atmosphere, and the sound is so funny that break away from the gameplay hardly anyone will want.
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