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Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile - urban simulator, all dedicated to Ancient Egypt and its people.
In this game you can do virtually anything that is required of these games is to build buildings and monuments, to grow crops, to trade with third countries, to strengthen the army, etc.
Features of "Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile" very much. The first thing that stands out is the absence of all the usual money, here the role of the exchange performs bread for him you can buy everything. By the way, the population it only eats.
The Emperor, that is a gamer, must maintain its credibility. And for this it is necessary to erect huge pyramids and monuments - the bigger they are, the more famous becomes more powerful than the Emperor and appears before his subjects.
Every living soul in the country has its own status. Initially, in the empty house settled immigrants are the lowest stratum of the population. Then they have already become artisans and go up the social ladder, some even manage to become commander.
In General, all fans of Egyptian history here will do. Most likely, the first city is unlikely to be a killer, so gamers have no time to play again.
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