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Imperial Glory - acclaimed at the time the strategy in real time. This time the player will move in the time of Napoleon between 1798 and 1830.
In the game gamer available to choose one of the five armies of the most powerful States - Russia, Prussia, France, Britain and Austria. In "Imperial Glory" there are two modes of gameplay - turn-based strategy (in this case, is used to manage the whole country) and real-time strategy. In the second mode, there is a possibility of three-dimensional battles on land and sea. The picture is drawn in such detail that it is possible to consider even a spot of dirt and blood on the uniforms of soldiers or scars on their faces.
In the game there are several types of ground infantry (no matter which country to play) - militia, linear infantry, grenadiers, the arrow and the elite guard; cavalry - Dragoons, hussars, pikemen and Uhlans; artillery howitzers and 6-pound guns, ships, sloops, frigates and battleships. In addition, there is a possibility of purchasing and other types of troops in the seizure of States - for example, the Egyptian Mamelukes and other
Thought and the political system - gamer may form alliances, to declare war, etc.
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