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    2,8 ГГц, 1 Гб, 256 Мб видео
Imperium Romanum - strategy in real time, you can lose gamer in Ancient Rome. But there is no divine beings, as we used to see in such a "Roman" games. All very real - building cities, creating a huge forces, monitoring the accomplishment of the Roman people.
In the game there are several types of gameplay:
• Educational training, where gamers will be taught to use their, so to speak, power.
• Time scale is most interesting modes of play. Here you must complete various missions in such large cities of the Empire, Rome, Pompeii, Alexandria and other
• Scenario - a simple game mode. Here no one who doesn't attack the player simply runs the country in peacetime.
• Rome - mode, where gamers have to rebuild from scratch Colosseum, managing to fend off the barbarians. However, the most difficult part of the game in this mode - endless fighting fires, and pleasing constantly dissatisfied population.
In the "Imperium Romanum" there are three types of troops - archers, hastaty and cavalry. Each of them trained in separate barracks for a few dozen at a time.
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