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Incubation: Time is Running Out - by-step strategy with space "character".
The plot of the mankind still has learned to overcome interstellar space at its superfast spacecraft. Time passed and people began to settle in remote corners of the cosmos, creating their own colonies. However, one in one of these places called Nostalgia, settlers faced with unexpected threat - local form of life, mutated under the influence of microorganisms from the Earth.
Gamers will have to confront these creatures. At the beginning of a campaign and soldiers in his unit. Each unit has unique skills, improving upon the purchase of tools and equipment. They also have the characteristic of combat readiness (from its level depends on how the cells will be able to move a unit, and also its protection and health, increasing with experience.
After selecting fighters need to place them in the cells on the field. In the beginning there are only 3 fighter and 5 cells, which allowed to put them. As you progress through the game, the gamer can get a big enough squad and beat the game with it.
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