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System requirements

  • Minimum:
    700 МГц (1 ГГц), 256 (512) Мб, 16 (64) Мб видео
Ingenious - moved on to the computer, abstract puzzle game created by the genius of mathematical Sciences Reiner Knizia.
The game is usually played with 2 to 4 people, however, and one in it can also enjoy collecting different solitaires. The essence of the "Ingenious" is to collect as many of the same colors of the double hexagonal shapes (each of the two hexagons figure has its own color and pattern).
Play like a Domino. Here gamers are given at random 6 figures, one of which he must put them on the game field, followed by the enemy. All figures should be laid out next to each other that their colors - than, greater than the player will be able to put the figures of the same color, the better. The same gamer can operate with multiple colors, so in order not to get lost in the calculations - all is written on a piece of paper.
Game "Ingenious", according to developers, is designed for children from 8 years. It is very develops logic thinking and mental abilities as a whole. However, you can play it for people of any age category.
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