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Jekyll & Hyde - the action-adventure with elements of the quest. The game is able to pull gamer its dark atmosphere, a great number of mysteries and secrets, and sometimes very frightening situations.
This quest is based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, "the Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", in which the London doctor had invented a tool that allows him to transform into the second half of the essence is the "second self". Such a split personality has allowed the doctor to do everything that he could not afford in usual life - revelries, drinking, etc. Developers Jekyll & Hyde adhere to this idea, however, the novel was completely changed.
The game takes place in London, where raging terrible epidemic. Our hero desperately tries to find a cure to the disease testing the vaccine on himself. One of the vehicles turned doctor in a Mr. Hyde - terrible APE-like monster. Jekyll decided to hide this stuff away and accidentally bumps into an underground passage in his laboratory. As it turned out - it was a large network of ancient catacombs with a large number of different mechanisms and Greek mythological subjects.
Gamers have to go through this maze jekolom and his second person Hyde in search of a cure for the epidemic, revealing during the game all the mysteries of the catacombs.
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