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John Tiller''s Campaign Series is a collection of all games of the series, with additions on one disk. These included Campaign Series: East Front, West Front and Rising Sun (the Asian theatre of war).
All these aforementioned games are step-by-step strategy that has a few features over their counterparts and any strategies. If all used that in such games units have infinite ammunition, here they end. Shells fired from tanks, cannons and other long-range equipment, fly depending on the wind direction. And the distance is visible at night the area is calculated taking into account all sources of light, even the burning car lights.
In John Tiller''s Campaign Series is now the troops of the USSR and China, an innovation for the entire series. One should give credit to the map editor - in it is possible not only to create all sorts of landscapes, as well as units and even the whole scenario of military actions. The game raised the times of the Second World war, so all fans of the events of the 40-ies of the strategy should be to the soul.
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