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Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising - popular first person shooter, in which you can play several gamers.
All military operations happen in Indonesia, where everywhere raging civil war. Local wrestlers competing for power and independence was able to acquire the most modern weapons. This has created a greater threat to the civilian population. In addition, the situation in the country threatens the economy of the Western powers, so they decide to throw peacekeeping forces in Indonesia to address conflict.
A feature of the game is that it can be played over the Internet simultaneously with a large number of gamers. In Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising there are several game modes: cooperative (all players together are levels), Advance and Secure (players occupy certain points on the map and keep them), king of the hill (command protect a small area for a while), Deathmatch (every man for himself), Team Deathmatch (one team gamers fights against another). In the last two modes is won by the player or the team that scored the most kills in a certain time.
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